"Jeanette Lynne took the stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a setlist scribbled onto a pocket-sized notepad. Lynne’s voice is impressive, and her lyrics are honest with a charming simplicity. The content of her songs ranges from emotional to playful. Her comical side came through while she sang about burying herself in credit card debt for booze and a guitar. The audience clapped along as she performed a fabulous, stripped down rendition of Vance Joy’s popular track “Riptide.” On the sentimental original, “Saint Anthony,” Lynne toys with the idea with winning the lottery but concludes she’d “settle for a car that runs and a love that won’t fade away.”   Ali Brant, Switchbitch Records  


 Jeanette Lynne is a folk pop singer songwriter from Philadelphia. With heart melting lyrics that speak up about the complexity of long distance relationships, and the financial hardships of a twenty-something living on the road. Her live show has been applauded from the east coast to the west, with cheers, laughter, and spontaneous dancing! Covers and original tunes layer seemlessly into her sets, like an unexpected dessert made just for you. Jeanette's songs are as catchy and infectious as having all the pillows and blankets on a cold day...with hot chocolate and whiskey. - Daniel Benbow (Touring Musician, Producer)