Jeanette Lynne took the stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a setlist scribbled onto a pocket-sized notepad. Lynne’s voice is impressive, and her lyrics are honest with a charming simplicity. The content of her songs ranges from emotional to playful. Her comical side came through while she sang about burying herself in credit card debt for booze and a guitar. The audience clapped along as she performed a fabulous, stripped down rendition of Vance Joy’s popular track “Riptide.” On the sentimental original, “Saint Anthony,” Lynne toys with the idea with winning the lottery but concludes she’d “settle for a car that runs and a love that won’t fade away.” -  SwitchBitch Noise

“Jeanette Lynne’s music style is like a mix between Feist and Edie Brickell, completely unique” - Glenn Barratt, Morningstar Studios

“‎Jeanette Lynne is so damn earnest, with a wit, tone, and grace that makes you stop whatever you're doing and honestly listen"- Kevin McQuiston,  Soundstage WCHE

“If my copy of your latest album was a 1987 cassette tape, it would be overused, worn, patched-up, and wrapped up-with a smile.”- Michael Ferrare, Agency Magma 



Photographer: Ali Brant Photography

Musician: Jeanette Lynne

Venue: Ortlieb's Lounge, Philadelphia PA