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Rabbit's Foot

by Jeanette Lynne

Album Credits:

Artwork & Layout: Suzie Kelly (Hammer Down Design)

All songs written, recorded, and mixed by Jeanette Lynne.

Mastered by Mike Walls.

Additonal Vocals and Instrumentation:

11:11 - Megan Beirne (backup vocals)

Small Things, Make It Through - Mackenzie Johnson (backup vocals)

Clean Up On Aisle Me, Little Credit Card - Jamie Victor (Electric Guitar)

Tightrope - Matt Stoner (Drums)


Beachsloth Album Review:

Delivered with true passion, Jeanette Lynne’s “Rabbit’s Foot” has an intimate lovely sound, one that effortlessly fits in with the best of the singer-songwriter tradition. Arrangements are kept to the absolute essentials. Crystal clear in their focus, the songs revolved around Jeanette Lynne’s soothing, articulate lyricism. Melodies help give her carefully crafted snapshots of the world a great amount of color.

A sly sort of defiance defines the album opener “Clean Up On Aisle Me”. The electric guitar work helps to give this piece a little edge to it. Gentle in nature is the shimmering hush of “11:11”. By far the highlight of the collection is the tenderness of “Small Things”. Spacious in scope the song offers a glimpse at a sweet sort of life. Delicate to its very core the angelic sound and the airy atmosphere feel quite welcoming. Giddiness is woven into “Little Credit Card” and its sense of play feels perfect. Optimism pours out of the hopeful sound of “Make It Through” as the song builds in strength, growing ever stronger with each reiteration. Layer upon layer of sound interact creating a glorious sea of sound. “What Can I Say” has a bright and summery feel to it. Serving as a perfect close to the album is the infectious sing-along of “Tightrope”.

Engaging in colorful, poetic storytelling Jeanette Lynne describes small moments in a life throughout “Rabbit’s Foot”. The result is something that is simply stunning.