Jeanette Lynne

Vocals / Guitar

Jeanette Lynne has been writing songs and performing her music at coffee shops, open mics, and bars since the ripe age of 17.  Nowadays she is playing bass on tour with the Indie rock band Community Center from Baltimore. Between tours you can find her going on solo tours across the east coast, and releasing music, and new videos on her YouTube channel. 

Influences: Courtney Barnett, Allison Weiss, Liz Longley, KT Tunstall

Likes: Coconut flavored anything, air conditioning, free wifi, and graphic design


Dave Mendez

Drums / Bass

Dave Mendez is a multi-instrumentalist, all around cool dude, from West Philadelphia. His background in music ranges from studying Jazz percussion, playing drums with metal bands, to busking in Rittenhouse Square with his bluegrass band The White Cheddar Boys. He joined forces with Jeanette Lynne in 2016 to play drums & bass (woah!) on her Rabbit's Foot record release tour. Dave currently resides in Guatemala, living in hostels, playing music for a living. 

Likes: Having the best hair, Taco Bell, and riding all terrain bikes while yelling WOOOOO at midnight

Live @ The Dandelion Cafe, Orlando FL

Live @ The Dandelion Cafe, Orlando FL